The Beginning

In July of 1991 Good Shepherd Fellowship Church moved from the living room of pastor Andrew and Bonnie's home to 1329 Main St. Marinette, Wisconsin. 

Ironically this building used to be a bar where bikers groups hung out. But where sin abounded, grace abounded much more (Romans 5:20).  The day we left this facility to go to the next one, we prayed that this place would never again be used to glorify sin. 

September 1999 we moved from the Main Street location to the Jewish Synagogue at 818 Pierce Avenue.  This had been a wealth of blessing meeting there and beginning a relationship with the Jewish people.  Many church people seem to forget that Jesus Christ was a Jew; He kept the Law of Moses.  Most of our beliefs are derived from their faith.  We remained there until we purchased our own facility in March 2004.                                                                    

Here Pastor Andrew is conducting a baptism service. The baptism took place behind the church pastor once interned at, in their small inland lake at Twin City Interfaith Fellowship in Menominee Michigan. 

We believe that all believers need to affirm their faith by the sacrament of baptism!        Matthew 28:19-20.

Children are the future of the church. Good Shepherd Fellowship Church is committed to teaching children the Word of God by precept and example, all while having fun un the process. 

Children's church is under the direction of Mrs. Carol John.  This class learned how to share Jesus Christ with the world around them.

Here is what it was like in 1998 cramped into the building on Main Street in Marinette. The Word says; not to despise the day of small beginnings. In fact we fondly remember all the things the LORD did while we worshipped in this small place.

This building used to house a bar, we saw God move in mighty ways: God opened stone blind eyes of an infant son of visitors we had from Gwinn Michigan

He put a new heart in one of our members, the late Mr. Harvey Garrison of Stephenson Michigan, while healing countless others.  All this was documented by medical doctors because God still does the impossible today!

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